Digital Images: Requirements

The new rules for 2015 onward

Because of the difficulties experienced loading digital images on the night, the Committee has decided on the following rules, which will be implemented strictly:

  1. Your images must be at the computer desk by 7.30pm. If not possible, make special arrangements beforehand.
  2. Your images must be on a dedicated thumb drive that contains NOTHING ELSE. Please consider renaming thumb drive with your name so it is easier to identify when loading. Also, either write on the outside or attach a label – again with your name.
  3. Your images must be clearly labelled with club naming guidelines (see below for details)
  4. Your images must be correct size and format (also see below)

What’s the right size for digital images?

  • The largest horizontal edge: 1024 pixels.
  • The largest vertical edge: 768 pixels.
  • This means that an image in portrait mode can’t be taller than 768 pixels

What filenames should I used for my digital images?

  • The first letter should be either O for open, or T for theme
  • Then use an underscore (_) followed by the title you want to give the image
  • Finish with the surname and initial of the author
  • You may have to add the file extension (jpg) or your Application (eg. Lightroom) might do this for you. But check that it’s there.
  • The final name should look like this: O_AWalkInTheParkFamerG.jpg

What is the right file format for my digital images?

  • Use only jpeg (which usually has a jpg file extension).
  • Select 100 per cent quality for the best results.
  • Ignore the earlier requirement to keep the image below 500kb in size. It’s better that you get a good quality image, and if you stick to the dimensions, the file size won’t be excessive.
  • If your image has a black background, consider putting a white (or light coloured) frame around it, so that viewers know where the edge of the image is.

Remember, all digital images must be jpeg. The 500kb file size is no longer required, but getting the dimension requirements correct is essential for the image to display properly on our screen.